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Biological swimming pools 

The biological swimming pool
The construction of a biological swimming pool is similar to that of a traditional swimming pool. After excavation, the concrete is laid, the walls are insulated and the inner lining is finished, optionally in natural stone. The big difference is the use of a biological filtration system. This means that no one needs to put up with an unpleasant chlorine odour.  

Natural Purification
A biological swimming pool is filtered naturally. A biological filter, which will work completely independently, is put in place at the end of the swimming pool. A connection is made by means of skimmers. By using a biological filter, we guarantee both natural and mechanical purification.



Une piscine biologique peut être chauffée à l’aide de l’énergie solaire, de pompes à chaleur ou par couplage à un système de chauffage (au gaz ou au mazout) par l’intermédiaire d’un échangeur de chaleur. La température peut ainsi être augmentée de ± 5 à 6° ; l’eau de la piscine est à une température agréable de 28-30°. Pendant les mois d’hiver, il n’est pas possible de chauffer la piscine jusqu’à 20°.


During the swimming season, a biological swimming pool requires only minor maintenance every three to four weeks. This amounts to nothing more than cleaning the walls and bottom using a robot or mechanical suction cleaner and checking the hardness of the water (GH, KH). Major servicing is needed once a year when the filter vegetation is pruned, the filter stones are cleaned and the pumps are thoroughly checked. Tailor-made maintenance contracts are also available.  


The cost of a biological swimming pool is similar to that of a traditional pool. The cost of maintenance is a great deal cheaper, however. In addition, there is no need to add any chlorine.