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Swimming ponds 

Is it possible to swim in your own pond?

This is no utopia but a perfectly feasible concept. The idea originated in the USA and Australia and then spread to Europe, with Austria and Germany as pioneers. The phenomenon of the "natural swimming pond" has become increasingly popular in Belgium. 



A natural swimming pond has many advantages compared with a traditional pool.  Natural swimming ponds are much more attractive and easier to blend in with the garden design. They are cheaper to build and the fixed costs are practically negligible. Ecological swimming ponds are good for both people and the environment. No chlorine is added. Swimming in such a pond is pleasant and extremely relaxing. Maintenance is minimal. You can enjoy the pond all year round, no matter what the weather, which is a huge advantage compared with a traditional swimming pool. 



The swimming pond is filtered biologically. There is an open swimming area and there are planted areas. Marsh plants and a biological filtration area guarantee safe and pure water. To ensure watertightness, we opt for a liner in synthetic rubber (EPDM). This is a special rubber liner for pond applications, which has been tested for purity and eco-friendliness. Rubber liner feels pleasant to touch, absorbs the heat of the sun due to its black colour and has an exceptionally long life span. There are many possibilities when it comes to design and finish - rectangular, round, formal, informal, etc. Every technical detail can easily be hidden. The soft chlorine-free water feels like balsam to the swimmer’s skin. 


Basic rules

The vegetation is very important and should not be neglected, as it is this plant life that plays an important role in purifying the water. In addition, it contributes greatly to the natural look and feel of a swimming pond. The filter section can be separated from the rest of the pond by means of various materials (pebbles, wood, stepping stones).



A natural swimming pond can be combined with warm materials such as wooden decking, planking and natural stone. It can exude chic grandeur but can also be sober in tone. It all depends on the garden and its owner. Children are enthusiastic because they can fool around in the water. The parents can proudly show off the pond and invite their friends around for a barbecue on the banks of their private lake.   




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